Troy AOB-1200B Olympic Bar

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Ideal for functional training, this 7ft American made, black oxide bar provides sufficient whip. It is equipped with pinned, polished steel sleeves that are finely grooved to discourage plate slippage. Features include a 28mm shaft and 14.75” of loadable sleeve length.



Length:  86″
Width:  44 lbs
Statistical Test:  600lbs
Rating:  125,000psi
Bar Diameter: 28mm/1-1/8″
Knurling Type: Medium
Center Knurling: NO
Loadable Sleeve Length:  –
Bar Color/Material: Black Oxide
Sleeve Color/Material: Polished Steel
Sleeve Mounting: Pinned
Type of Bushing: Steel Bushing
Manufactured Location: U.S.
Warranty: 5 Years
Type Of Use: Light Institutional/Olympic Lift bar. Nice spin, NO CENTER KNURLING.
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