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  • Troy AOB-1200B Olympic Bar

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    Ideal for functional training, this 7ft American made, black oxide bar provides sufficient whip. It is equipped with pinned, polished steel sleeves that are finely grooved to discourage plate slippage. Features include a 28mm shaft and 14.75” of loadable sleeve length.


  • Troy AOB-1500B Olympic Bar

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    Domestic made, 7’ black oxide power bar, 1200 lb statical test, 4” center knurling. Unique “O” ring design permanently attaches the sleeve to the bar. Designed to go into a club environment.


  • Troy AOB-1500T Olympic Bar “Blackwing” Bar

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    The new TROY Blackwing bar is 100% manufactured in the USA. With a U.S. lab tested yield strength of 213,300 P.S.I., this bar is in a class by itself – so impressive, we put the TROY badge on it as the established benchmark for American made training/power bars. It can be put into any application without worry, and is virtually maintenance free. Perfect for use in a professional, college or high school weight room setting. Contact your sales rep, click the Talk to Troy icon or request a quote today to learn more about the all new AOB-1500T.


  • Troy AOB-2000T Olympic Bar

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    The new TROY POWER BAR is 100% manufactured in the USA, with an uncompromising commitment to quality. It sports a very aggressive knurl pattern and bronze, oil impregnated bushings for a smooth, maintenance free spin. A superb 202,800 P.S.I. yield strength squarely places it among the strongest bars being manufactured in the industry today. Other exclusive features of AOB-2000T include double snap ring sleeves, and 16.50” of loadable sleeve length. Perfect for use in high performance, university or college weight room settings due to its rust resistant, bright zinc finish. Contact your sales rep, click the Talk to Troy icon or request a quote today to learn more about the all new TROY POWER BAR.


  • Troy GOB-1200 Olympic Bar

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    Our best 7’ international, “beater” bar has a large 32 mm shaft, giving it a tensile strength equal to that of a much more expensive power bar. Bronze bushings allow it to spin freely, making it ideal for Olympic lifts such as dead lifts, cleans and snatches. Each end is secured by dual snap rings, a feature often found on the highest performing Olympic bars. The entire bar (sleeves included) is coated with a hard chrome, flake free finish that inhibits rust.


  • Troy GOB-1800 Olympic Bar

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    Our VTX 7’ men’s training bar is the strongest, most versatile bar we have ever manufactured. The bar has tested out at 270,000 P.S.I. Its 28.5mm shaft features a precision patterned knurl with dual marks for both Olympic and powerlifting. Bronze, self-lubricating bushings give it great spin while double snap rings safely secure each end to the bar. Extra long bar sleeves (over 16”) permit maximum loading for the heaviest lifts.


  • Troy GOB-300LZ Olympic Bar

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    Our 6ft lightweight aluminum Olympic bar is only 18lbs. It is designed as a training bar for beginning lifters wishing to master different types of lifts while maintaining proper form. The shorter sleeve length of 9 1/4”, allows it to have a 51in. distance between the collars, making it compatible with most Olympic-size benches. Durable zinc finish. Ask your Troy dealer or click the “Talk to Troy” icon to learn more.


  • Troy GOB-800 Olympic Bar

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    Our sleek new, 6 1/2ft, 15kg women’s training bar has a 25mm bar shaft that is easier to grip and control that is specifically designed for functional training. Despite it’s smaller diameter, it has an extremely strong yield strength that provides plenty of desired “whip.” The shaft has an attractive patina (copper) color which contrasts well with hard chrome sleeves to give it a distinctive look, while being fastened securely with dual snap rings for consistent, reliable performance.


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