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  • Body Solid KettleBells

    Body-Solid Built for Life
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    Body-Solid Premium Kettlebells feature a chrome handle with dipped rubber base. Available in 5 lb. increments from 5lb. to 75 lbs.

  • Hyper Vest Pro


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    Different vest sizes have different maximum weight capacities, as follows:

        • Small, 20lbs max weight
        • Medium, 25lbs max weight
        • Large, 30lbs max weight
        • XLarge, 45lbs max weight
        • XXLarge, 60lbs max weight


    Each vest ships with 10lbs of weight; extra 5lb “booster packs” are also available.


    The Hyper Wear 5-lb Booster Pack® contains 35 individual weights (5lbs), each weighing 1/7th of a pound. Each pocket on the Hyper Vest PRO can hold up to 2 individual weights.




  • Lifting Chains


    Three weights available: 25, 30, and 52 lbs. (Chains are sold in pairs.)


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  • Sandbells


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    The Hyperwear SandBell® is a simple yet powerful training tool. It’s a cross between a sandbag, dumbbell, barbell, grip bag, medicine ball, slam ball, stability pod, gliding disk and a kettlebell. Working your body, challenging your muscles and increasing your stamina—simultaneously, all with one mighty piece of neoprene.

    The variable sand density changes grip ability while shifting sand works stabilizing muscles. The thick neoprene is soft and stretchy, but durable enough to be pulled, yanked and abused daily.

    You add the sand to save on shipping costs!




  • Smart Medicine Balls


    The Smart Medicine Balls are a functional fitness staple. The weighted center forces the user to use different muscle groups to throw, bounce or twist with the ball.

    8 exercises are printed on each ball for easy reference. They also feature a textured surface for a reliable grip and made of sturdy rubber.

    Four weights and sizes available:
    4lb yellow, 6lb orange, 8lb green, 10lb blue, and 15lb purple


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  • Smart Stick


    The Smart Stick makes your favorite movements and exercises more productive. The hands push and pull each other and “drive” the body, creating balanced, optimal range of motion from top to bottom. The unweighted version is best for flexibility and balance exercises, while the weighted version is best for strength exercises (upper body, lower body, core).

    5-feet in length. Offered in both unweighted and weighted (5 lb) versions. Smooth enough to slide your hands along.

    Also sold in sets of 10 for use with teams and PE classes.

    • Single, unweighted
    • Single, 5lb weighted
    • Set of 10, unweighted
    • Set of 10, 5lb weighted


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  • Smart Stick Quiver


    Now there’s an easy way to neatly and conveniently store your mobility sticks. The Smart Stick Quiver holds 6 Smart Sticks mounted to a wall or can be attached to a functional training station.

        • Heavy duty steel construction
        • Holds up to 6 Smart Sticks
        • Dimensions:  5” W x 5” D x 30” H


    Package Includes:  (1) Smart Stick Quiver & (6) Smart Sticks – Unweighted or 5lb weighted.


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  • Speed and Weighted Jump Ropes

    Choose between speed and weighted, or get them both!


    Do you know that jumping rope burns approximately 650 calories per hour? It’s a super-efficient cardiovascular workout!

    Our durable Speed and Weighted Jump Ropes are designed with rubber grip handles that contours to the hands of the user, taking pressure off the wrist. Both jump ropes are fully adjustable; change the length of the rope to fit any height.

    Choose between a speed rope and a weighted rope for a comfortable and challenging workout based on your training goals. The speed rope is lightweight, making it easy to maneuver and accelerate to a sweat-dripping pace. Use the weighted version to add additional resistance to your exercise routine to turn up the intensity.


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  • Troy AOB-1200B Olympic Bar

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    Ideal for functional training, this 7ft American made, black oxide bar provides sufficient whip. It is equipped with pinned, polished steel sleeves that are finely grooved to discourage plate slippage. Features include a 28mm shaft and 14.75” of loadable sleeve length.


  • Troy AOB-1500B Olympic Bar

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    Domestic made, 7’ black oxide power bar, 1200 lb statical test, 4” center knurling. Unique “O” ring design permanently attaches the sleeve to the bar. Designed to go into a club environment.


  • Troy AOB-1500T Olympic Bar “Blackwing” Bar

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    The new TROY Blackwing bar is 100% manufactured in the USA. With a U.S. lab tested yield strength of 213,300 P.S.I., this bar is in a class by itself – so impressive, we put the TROY badge on it as the established benchmark for American made training/power bars. It can be put into any application without worry, and is virtually maintenance free. Perfect for use in a professional, college or high school weight room setting. Contact your sales rep, click the Talk to Troy icon or request a quote today to learn more about the all new AOB-1500T.


  • Troy AOB-2000T Olympic Bar

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    The new TROY POWER BAR is 100% manufactured in the USA, with an uncompromising commitment to quality. It sports a very aggressive knurl pattern and bronze, oil impregnated bushings for a smooth, maintenance free spin. A superb 202,800 P.S.I. yield strength squarely places it among the strongest bars being manufactured in the industry today. Other exclusive features of AOB-2000T include double snap ring sleeves, and 16.50” of loadable sleeve length. Perfect for use in high performance, university or college weight room settings due to its rust resistant, bright zinc finish. Contact your sales rep, click the Talk to Troy icon or request a quote today to learn more about the all new TROY POWER BAR.


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