USA/Troy VTX Olympic 300lb. Weight Set 

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Experience some of the highest quality Olympic & Regular weight sets on the market today. We carry only the finest affordable weight sets using the best ASTM-Grade 20 iron, precision milled rims & radius edges for a truer shape & dimensions. All plates are individually weighed, inspected and calibrated to ensure that our sets are consistent in weight, size and quality. Experience the best!


Item SKU: GOSS-300V

Product Dimensions:

Product/Shipping Weight : 300 lbs.

Product Options:

Available In : No Options Apply

Product Description: This set consists of the following components: (2) GO-045V lb., (2) GO-035V lb., (2) GO-025V lb. and (1) GOSS-046V – 2 pcs. of GO-010V lb., 4 pcs. of GO-005V lb., 2 pcs. of GO-02.5V lb. and 2 TOZC-1/2 spring collars. (1) GOB-86 7’ Olympic bar completes the set. All plates are Olympic 2” VTX grip plates (5 lb. and 2.5 lb. plates do not have grip feature).

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