Hoist HD-3800 Inner/Outer Thigh

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The HOIST® Inner Thigh/Outer Thigh pads swivel for each exercise position, rotating easily and ensuring an excellent workout for both inner and outer thighs. An adjustable-angle back pad accommodates users of all body sizes and ranges of flexibility. Exercise arms can comfortably be adjusted from the seated position, and the unit’s walk through design provides for easy mount/dismount by the user.


  • Adjustable-angle back pad to accommodate varying flexibility and body sizes
  • Thigh pads swivel for each exercise position
  • Exercise arms can be adjusted from the seated position
  • Multiple range-of-motion adjustments for both exercises
  • Weight Stack:
    • Standard (HD): 180 lbs (82 kg)
    • Heavy Stack (HDG): 215 lbs (98 kg)


  • Product Width: 31.00” (79 cm)
  • Product Height: 55.00″ (140 cm)
  • Product Length: 72.00″ (183 cm)
  • Machine Weight:
    • Standard (HD): 525 lbs. (238 kg)
    • Heavy Stack (HDG): 558 lbs (253 kg)

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