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  • BodySolid SPR1000 Commercial Power Rack

    Body-Solid Built for Life
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    Tech Specs:
        • 3” x 3” 11-gauge steel Mainframe
        • 1” hole spacing for safety spotter bars
        • Expansion for weight storage and spotter access
        • Monkey bar expansion bolts two racks together
        • Includes two J-Cup liftoffs and premium safety spotter bars
        • Integrated chinning bar
        • 81”L x 53”W x 90”H
        • Body-Solid In-Home Lifetime Warranty
        • Body-Solid Full Commercial Warranty

    Hole Spacing:

        • Upright- Side holes are 7/8” diameter  – 3” on center spacing
        • Front holes are 5/8”diameter – 2” on center spacing
        • Front bench press holes- 5/8”diameter – 1” on center spacing


        • SPRBP    Band Pegs (Pair)
        • SPRCB    Fat Chin Up Bar, 2” Diameter Increases Grip Strength
        • SPRCU    Multi Chin Up Cross Member
        • SPRJC     Extra pair J Cups for SPR1000
        • SPRMB    Monkey Bar Cross Member Expansion
        • SPRSF     Extra Pair Premium Safeties
        • SPRST     Storage Tray
        • SPRTB     T Bar Row Attachment
        • SR-BHV   Vertical bar holder for 2 olympic bars
        • SR-DIP     Dip Station
        • SR-MGC   Pair Multi Grip Chin Up Bars
        • SR-REB    Ball Rebounder
        • SR-SBH    Stability Ball Holder
        • SR-STEP  Plyo Step
        • SR-UL      U-Link
        • SR-WPH   Weight Plate Horn (Olympic)


  • Cascade Commercial AirBike (Unlimited Series)

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    Designed for commercial fitness facilities, the new Unlimited Air Bike models are designed to be the strongest and most durable air bikes ever made. In Air Bike technology, weight and tough construction matters – as users often engage in high intensity total body workouts in and out of the saddle.

  • Cascade Commercial Vertical Climbing Trainer

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    Burns More Calories

    The new Cascade Climber offers an exceptional time efficient, low impact workout. Great for high intensity cardio training, the Cascade Climber is also effective for injury rehabilitation – as there is no stress or pounding on the joints. Climbing against gravity also burns more calories than any other exercise. Smooth and easy to use, users climb at their own pace with an upper body movement that creates total body exercise.


  • Echelon Ex5s Light Commercial Indoor Cycle

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    Live Studio Fitness from the Comfort of Your Home


  • Echelon Relfect 50″ Touch Mirror

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    Innovative Fitness Technology That Looks Just Like Your Average Mirror



  • Expresso Go Commercial Upright Bike


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    Totally Immersive and Fully Engaging

    The most advanced bike in the world and the gold standard in indoor cycling.



    eLive and eLive Plus connect your Expresso Bikes to the cloud and activate the most exciting features. Select the subscription length for pricing and details.

    (Product pricing includes residential warranty and Expresso required surge protector)


  • SportsArt T656 Treadmill

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    SportsArt ECO-NATURAL™ line is the embodiment of design, technology, sustainability, and cardiovascular excellence. The sleek angles and premium features combine with a state of the art motor to produce the most engaging and energy saving workout that users can feel good about. The T656 is our top of the line treadmill with -3 to 15% incline range, 0.1 to 15 mph speed range, ECO-DRIVE™ motor that uses 32% less energy than a standard motor.


  • Storage Tower (Deluxe)


    Available as a Complete Deluxe Package or as the Tower only.


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  • The Abs Company Tire Flip 180


        • Up to 4 – 5lb plates per weight post
        • Training range is 100-140 lbs
        • 6 Floor Mounting Points
        • Plate loading ability up to 40 additional pounds
        • Starting resistance of 100 lbs
        • 2 Battle Rope Anchor Points
        • 4 Sound Reducing Bumpers
        • Mobility wheels for easy movement
        • Open Frame Design
        • Extended Warranty



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  • Vision Fitness S70 Elliptical

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    In addition to the smooth, natural, low-impact exercise experience made possibly by our near-silent suspension design, the S70 Ascent Trainer adds adjustable incline with variable stride length and multi-position handlebars. This unique combination lets users of all sizes hop on and get a workout that feels like it was made just for them.


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