Vicore Core Adjust Pro [Floor Model]

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  • Fully enclosed bearing joints for ultra smooth adjustment
  • Removable rubber coated foot pegs
  • Rubber foot pads safe for all floors
  • Bodylink surface tested to 2000 kg
  • Incorporated hooks for band workouts
  • Commercial grade 75 mm 11 gauge steel
  • Proprietary 2-step paint process
  • Bearing inlaid wheels for easy transport
  • Six position adjustments
  • BodyLink Surface infused with antimicrobial agent and protected with UV inhibitors


The Vicore Fitness products are designed around the universal law: every action has an opposite and equal reaction. With this law in mind, the Vicore Pro Adjust Core Bench developed proven methods for increasing strength and muscle building. An important part of the Vicore Fitness products is a very dynamic component called the Body Link System. It is an extremely strong membrane, that when it is filled with air, creating a highly unstable surface. This instability causes the user tighten all the muscles in order to keep their balance. Grab a barbell set and you have the best formula to not only train the muscles, but also to improve coordination, balance and agility at the same time.


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