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The Vectra VX-DC is a simple machine that offers excellent quality for customers looking to get the most out of their chin and dip exercises.

Dipping is not as popular as it was once, which is odd because it is one of the best ways to get a controlled, high quality workout for your triceps. Chin ups are still a staple, but they really benefit from being combined with a solid dipping regimen as well.

This is where the VX-DC comes in. Offering a stable dipping surface along with its chin up settings, it allows you to combine these two excellent workouts in a single machine. And because the workout is assisted by the layout of the machine, it is easy to start out and progress towards the unassisted mode.

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Perform effective dips, pull-ups and chin-ups, regardless of your strength level, with the incredible Vectra Fitness VX-DC Assisted Dip/Chin Machine. Designed to serve as a standalone station or a modular unit that attaches to other Series VX machines, the VX-DC provides assembly options for either standing or kneeling exercises depending on ceiling height, user height and user preference. You’ll appreciate the easy-access steps, multi-grip chin-up bars and width-adjustable dip bars for personalized ergonomics and extra room while using the chin-up bars. The compact, commercially rated VX-DC delivers premium construction with a sleek, welded-steel frame that keeps the cables and pulleys out of sight, stainless-steel guide rods that require no lubrication, and a 210-pound weight stack composed of machined, powder coated, cast-iron plates.

**If ceiling height is an issue, the VX-DC can be assembled in either a standing format (8’8″ ceiling height required) or kneeling format (7’5″ ceiling height required). Facility adaptability is key with the VX-DC.**

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