USA/Troy Vinyl Dumbells

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TROY Barbell carries a wide variety of dumbbells from the highest quality TROY pro style dumbbells to the basic cast hex dumbbell, all built with the user in mind. We have fully commercial dumbbells such as our TROY pro style series, TROY urethane encased solid dumbbells and our TROY 12 sided rubber encased dumbbells which will stand up to the most strenuous of workouts. We also carry dumbbells for the home such as our basic cast hex dumbbell, VTX 12 sided cast dumbbell and our VTX rubber encased dumbbell. As you can see, we have a dumbbell for any application.


Item SKU: VD

Product Dimensions: Available upon request

Product/Shipping Weight : Per Order Request

Product Options: None

Available In : 12 attractive colors: 1 lb. thru 10 lb., 12 lb. and 15 lb.

Product Description: Our unique hex head design prevents rolling and stacks easily. The brightly colored, vinyl coverings are comfortable to use and will not rust or fade under normal use. Great for health club group exercise classes or individual home settings. Smaller ergo handles, even on larger sizes, facilitate easier handling and better control. Each size is clearly marked with poundage. Simple to clean.

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