TuffStuff Proformance Plus Inner / Outer Thigh

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TuffStuff’s Proformance Plus Inner / Outer Thigh (PPD-807) forward facing exercise positioning provides privacy, and a conveniently located lever adjusts the range of motion and start position, while the swivel knee pads maintain constant support throughout entire range of motion.  Full commercial-quality, the entire Proformance Plus Series of equipment is an ideal option for outfitting any professional weight room, recreation center, or apartment complex.

  • Engineered and manufactured in the USA
  • Conveniently located lever adjusts range of motion and start position
  • Forward facing exercise positioning for privacy
  • Swivel knee pads that maintain constant support
  • 220 lbs. steel weight stack (Does not accept add-on weight system)
  • Weight stack safety shields full length and dual-sided
  • High strength Mectral steel reinforced Kevlar® belt
  • (6) primary frame colors, and (16) different upholstery colors available
  • Custom finishes, upholstery, and embroidered wear covers available
  • Shipped assembled for easier installation and set up


Spec Sheet - Proformance Plus Inner / Outer Thigh (PPD-807)

TuffStuff’s Proformance Plus Inner / Outer Thigh (PPD-807) offers a great way to tone and strengthen hip abductors and adductors that are commonly neglected with other forms of leg training.  While squatting, deadlifting, and leg pressing train the quadriceps and hamstrings thoroughly, you may need additional work for the inner and outer thighs.  Abduction and adduction have long been popular exercises with female trainees for their toning and shaping attributes.  Training these movements can be highly beneficial to anyone, male or female, who is looking to improve their squat performance.  Inward knee wobble, or drift, is a common error in squatting that is often attributable to weak hips.  Strengthening the abductors and adductors corrects this weakness and adds stability when squatting or in any athletic endeavor requiring lateral movement.

For men or women who have been reluctant to use the inner / outer thigh machine in the past, the Proformance Plus Inner / Outer Thigh features a forward-facing exercise position for privacy behind the weight stack.



Proformance Plus Customization

The Proformance Plus Inner / Outer Thigh finish colors may be customized.  Request a color sample that matches your company’s branding.

Frame Colors:

TuffStuff Proformance Plus Frame Colors

Note: Finishes as shown are close representations of the actual powder coat colors.  Please do not use for an exact color match.  Always request actual color samples from your dealer or TuffStuff Sales Representative.

Upholstery Colors:

Note: Color samples as shown are close representations of the actual vinyl and finish colors, and MUST NOT be used for an exact match of the color.  Always request actual vinyl samples from your dealer or TuffStuff Sales Representative.



Weight 485 lbs
Dimensions 69 × 58 × 57 in

10 YEARS: Frames, welds, cams and weight plates.

5 YEARS: Pivot bearings, pulleys, bushings, gas-shocks, and guide rods.

1 YEAR: Belts, linear bearings and pull-pin components.

6 MONTHS: Upholstery, cables, finish and rubber grips.

ALL OTHER PARTS not mentioned, one year from the date of purchase to the original purchaser.

Frame Main frame – 2×4” 11-gauge 120 wall oval tubular steel with a combination of 2” round and other 11-gauge tubular steel.

All welded construction conforming with all Structural Welding Code-Steel Standards and Specifications.

Padding High density 1” thick 3 lbs. rebond urethane foam glued to 1” industrial plywood backing, trimmed and formed to exact fit.
Cables & Belts Cable driven units – USA-Made/Certified 3/16” and 1/4” EXERFLEX PRO® high performance fitness cable rated at 4200 lbs. tensile strength. Belt driven units: reinforced Kevlar® belts, rated at 4400 lbs. tensile strength.
Finish Powder coat finish baked at 400ºF and carefully monitored to ensure complete curing.

Custom two tone finish offers choice of six primary colors combined with Charcoal Texture accents. Custom colors available, please inquire with your sales representative.

Upholstery Premium Bolta Sport vinyl with PreFixx, formulated to resist bacteria, stains, mildew, oil and UV stabilized pigments. Meets most flammability test requirements. All upholsteries are double-stitched with “hidden” borders. Bolta Sport color swatches are available upon request. Sixteen standard colors. Custom colors are available – please inquire with your sales representative.
Weight Stack Black painted solid steel weight plates with self aligning low friction sleeves. 220 lbs. steel weight stack. Does not accept Add-on weight system.
Other Specs GUIDE RODS: 3/4” solid steel 1045 (tgp) highly polished hard chrome finish.

ADJUSTMENT PINS: 1/2” and 5/8” push-pull spring loaded solid steel adjustment pins with ultimate load of 9040 lbs. and 46042 psi sheer strength.

BEARINGS: 1” solid stainless steel pivot axles with non-friction 2” sealed bearings (load rating of 2400 lbs.) internally encased on primary pivots, and oil-impregnated bronze bushings on all secondary pivots.

PULLEYS: Combination wide grove fiberglass reinforced nylon pulleys on belt-driven system and solid aluminum pulleys on cable units.

CAMS: Charcoal Texture powder coat solid aluminum variable resistance cam designed specifically for each machine.

FASTENERS: All frame bolts and nuts are 3/8” and 1/2” blue zinc plated grade 8 and up. Meets ANSI specifications.

CUSTOM STABILIZER FEET: Heavy-duty molded rubber base feet insure stability, prevent equipment movement, and may be bolted to the floor.

SELECTOR WEIGHT PINS: Weight pins are solid steel, magnetic with ball-end to ensure a tight connection and secure fit. Coiled lanyard helps prevent pin removal and loss.

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