Troy GOB-300LZ Olympic Bar

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Our 6ft lightweight aluminum Olympic bar is only 18lbs. It is designed as a training bar for beginning lifters wishing to master different types of lifts while maintaining proper form. The shorter sleeve length of 9 1/4”, allows it to have a 51in. distance between the collars, making it compatible with most Olympic-size benches. Durable zinc finish. Ask your Troy dealer or click the “Talk to Troy” icon to learn more.



Length:  72″
Width:  18lbs
Statistical Test:  300lbs
Rating:  20,000psi
Bar Diameter: 28mm
Knurling Type: Medium
Center Knurling: NO
Loadable Sleeve Length: 8.75″
Bar Color/Material: Zinc Coated
Sleeve Color/Material: Hard Chrome
Sleeve Mounting: Pinned
Type of Bushing: Bronze Bushing
Manufactured Location: International
Warranty: 1 Years
Type Of Use: Lightweight Aluminum Bar / Training Bar


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