SciFit StepOne™ Recumbent Stepper

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StepOne provides a smooth, total body functional movement. It features low starting resistance, direct wheelchair access, adjustable arm length and handle angle, customizable programs and documentation to help users reach their goals.

  • User defined stride length from 2″ to 11.5″ with Intelli-Stride feedback for safe progressions
  • Arm-to-leg movement encourages ADLs like climbing stairs
  • Low starting resistance (6 watts) with 20 levels, adjustable in .1 increments, providing 191 levels of resistance.
  • Direct wheelchair access along with step-through seating and grab bar allow for easy on and off.
  • Arm length adjustments and rotating hand grips provide user comfort and custom fit.
  • Small footprint along with integrated transport handle and wheels allow for easy placement.
  • Full color touch screen with easy operation displays exercise readouts beneficial for users and clinicians (ex. stride length, ascent, watts, METs).
  • Premium, standard and bariatric seat options.




  • Smooth, linear movement with start and stop motion Yes
  • Low starting resistance 6 watts
  • Resistance range 191 levels of resistance – 20 levels adjustable in .1 increments
  • Neutral starting position Pedals always come back to neutral starting position for easier entry and startup. Allows for entry from both sides.
  • Arm to leg movement ratio 1:1 Natural arm to leg movement ratio. Patterning similar to walking or climbing stairs.
  • User-defined range of motion 2” to 11.5” step length.
  • Comfortable, ergonomic body position Yes
  • Total body workout Yes
  • Large flywheel Increased kinetic energy and smooth stepping motion.
  • Small footprint 5” shorter than other leading recumbent steppers.
  • Easy to transport Integrated transport handle and wheels.
  • Heart rate monitoring Telemetric (chest strap required)
  • Quiet belt drive Yes



  • Direct wheelchair access Seat slides off easily for direct wheelchair access. ADA compliant.
  • Easy patient transfer Adjustable swivel seat sits on a flat horizontal monorail and provides easy patient transfer.
  • Step-through seating True adjustable step-through design, allows all users full access and ease of entry.
  • Step-through height 2”
  • Grab bar Integrated for easy entry and support.



  • Removable seat Seat removes easily without hardware for direct wheelchair access
  • 360° Therapist Assist Pedals Adjust the seat forward and back from any point around the machine
  • Seat removal handle Integrated handle on seat back makes it easy to remove the seat
  • Zero-sloping forward/back seat adjustment Adjust forward and back on a level monorail for optimum control and safe positioning
  • Standard seat Forward and back adjustability; custom shape – reduced hamstring interference
  • Bariatric seat Wide seat adjusts forward/back; side handles; and 600 lb user weight capacity
  • Premium seat Seat adjusts up/down, forward/back, swivels and reclines
    • Seat recline Recline to any point within a 23 degree range
    • Seat swivel 360 degree swivel that locks at each 90 degrees for safety
    • Seat height adjustment Select seat height anywhere from 18.5”-23”
    • Accessible adjustment levers Reach all adjustment levers from both sides of the seat


  • Arm length adjustment Adjust length of arms within a 12” range.
  • 60 degree hand grip rotation Position handles anywhere within the 60 degrees of hand grip rotation.
  • Non-absorbent, chemical resistant hand grips Easy to clean, durable, made from 100% recyclable material.
  • Easy adjustment levers Yes



  • Orthopedic foot beds with safety edge Sturdy, oversized foot beds.
  • Heel cup Yes
  • Foot straps Yes



  • 7” LCD full color touch screen display Touch screen with clear, simple screens and large, readable font.
  • Audible beep Yes
  • Tactile buttons Tactile buttons in addition to touch screen.
  • Resistance levels 191 levels of resistance – 20 levels adjustable in .1 increments.
  • Display feedback Time, total steps, steps per minute, stride length, calories, ascent, METs, watts, heart rate and level.
  • Intelli-Stride™ stride length measurement Stride length is accurately measured and displayed to help monitor range of motion and improvement.
  • Ascent Displays a true measure of ascent (ft.) based on stride length and steps.
  • One touch quick start Yes
  • Control METs – Constant Work Program Set constant METs level and the workload remains constant throughout the program
  • Iso-Strength Program Isokinetic program for safe, accommodating resistance
  • Power Burst 8-second burst of high intensity training
  • Cool down Automatic cool down begins after each exercise is completed.
  • Administrative mode User defined settings, metric or US units of measure and other custom settings.
  • User-defined console languages 9 languages – English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Dutch
  • Download results to USB flash drive Plug USB flash drive into the Fit-Key® slot to save workout results in a .txt file.
  • CSAFE port and 8-volt DC power port Yes
  • USB charger For phones and other electronic devices.
  • Water bottle holder Integrated
  • Personal Cooling Fan Integrated dual fans with three speeds
  • Programs: Quick Start, Manual, Hills, Fit-Quik®, Constant Work – METs, Constant Work – Watts, Heart Rate, Random, Iso-Strength, Stress Test



  • Power Requirements Self generating; low voltage AC adapter included
  • Maximum user weight capacity 450 lbs.
  • User height range Fits users 4’6” – 6”7”
  • Accuracy to EN 957-8 standard Yes
  • Unit weight 312 lbs.
  • Unit size 68” L x 30” W x 48” H
  • Color Frame: Charcoal / Cover: Cool Gray
  • Manufacturing Assembled in USA



  • Parts 3 years
  • Labor 1 year
  • Frame 5 years



  • Fit-Key® software Optional Fit-Key® software makes it easy to create specialized programs and track data.
  • Entertainment options Yes



  • StepOne™ Leg Stabilizer Attaches at the calf where support is needed most. Natural pivot point at ankle.
  • Durable steel construction.
  • Wheelchair Platform Provides a sturdy foundation for wheelchair use, includes tethers for stabilization.
  • Heavy-Duty Wheelchair Ramps For manual and powered wheelchair access. Provides increased stabilization.
  • Assist Gloves Wrist support and enhanced grip – helps user maintain grip and position.
  • Polar Chest Strap Transmits heart rate directly to console – works on all SCIFIT products.
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