Smart Mobility Assessment Hurdle


Measurements are clearly marked on each upright.

      • The size Medium hurdle is adjustable from 19.5″ to 36″.
      • The size Large hurdle is adjustable from 26″ to 42.5″.


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he Smart Test Hurdles, with clearly-marked measurements, play a critical role in injury prevention and rehab programs, and should be part of any progressive physical evaluation system for physical education classes.

Unlike standard sit-and-reach tests, the Smart Test assessments are dynamic, functional, precise, weight-bearing movements.

Easy-to-follow testing protocols are included. The tests are easy to administer and fun to do, yet they combine elements of strength, balance, kinesthetic awareness and range of motion.

The hurdles feature a sturdy 3-point base and setup is quick and easy; the support leg rotates in either direction and folds flat for storage.

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