Inspire CSM.2 SMITH QuickSelect – Commercial Smith Machine

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Unlike traditional Smith machines that require a bar and individual weight plates, the Smith QuickSelect machine delivers a safer, more efficient training experience by integrating the Smith Bar directly into two weight stacks, eliminating the need for weight plates and a spotter. The user-friendly pin-select system enables quick weight adjustments, guaranteeing smooth transitions between users and exercises.


With a counterbalanced bar and a maximum weight of over 440 lb, the SQS machine can accommodate a beginner or serious lifter with a variety of exercises.


Quickly set the desired weight and transition easily between exercises via the pin weight plate system. Engage safeties pre-exercise to ensure a safe workout to support a range of movements – squats, bench presses, bench over rows, deadlifts, lunges, pull-ups and more.


Designed with both the facility owner and end-user in mind, the SQS offers the smallest footprint in the industry at over 2ft narrower than a traditional smith machine and eliminates the need for bulky weight horns and extra plate / bar store racks.


  • Frame:    8 Gauge heavy-duty steel, matte black powder coated
  • Weight Stacks:    (2)  210 lb. / 95kg weight stacks, 10 lb. increments
  • Minimum Weight on Smith Bar:    40 lb. / 18 kg
  • Maximum Weight on Smith Bar:    440 lb. / 200 kg
  • Cables:    1/8 inch steel cable with nylon coating 3/16-inch
  • Smith Bar Positions:    (23) Vertical Smith Bar positions at 2 inch increments
  • Warranty:    Full Commercial: Limited Lifetime Frame & Welds, 1 Year Cables & Hardware, 5 years Pulleys & Bearings
  • Dimensions:     (L x W x H)  54.5 in x 69.5 in x 94 in  (138 cm x 177 cm x 239 cm)
  • Weight:    980 lbs x 445 kgs
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