CyberCycle Interactive Upright Cycle

**Buy three years of eLive Plus ($1199) with the purchase of a new Expresso or Cyber Cycle and receive a lifetime subscription.**


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“CyberCyclists experienced a 23% reduction in progression to mild cognitive impairment compared to traditional exercisers.”

– American Journal of Preventive Medicine



“The view is spectacular from up here.”

The upright CyberCycle has the same beautiful 26.5 inch touchscreen as the current recumbent model. New handlebars turn left and right and the magnetic resistance drive simulate the outdoors and engage the mind in the workout. The upright model comes with the same fun and easy to run programs designed to increase wellness participation and keep residents independent longer.




“It’s not just a bike. It’s a Wellness Program”

With your CyberCycle, you get monthly leaderboards and turnkey challenge programs. CyberCycle programs are easy to run and incredibly popular! CyberCyclists can challenge others from next door or around the world. Everything is tracked online automatically.


  1. Increase wellness participation
  2. Grow your cognitive health program
  3. Attract new residents
  4. Reduce resident cost

“Feels Like the Real Thing”

Steer and shift just like an outdoor bike. Your resistance adjusts to the on-screen terrain.




Ghosts represent a riders previous best effort. Challenging a ghost provides strong motivation to improve.


Leverage social relationships when riders ride together and see each other on their screen.


Automatically track and report on the activites of individual riders and groups.


      • Dimensions: 47x24x62 in.
      • Weight: 165 lbs
      • Touchscreen: 26.5 in. with full 1080p resolution
      • Workout Options: Roads, Games, Manual
      • Resistance Levels: 30
      • Max Watts: 800
        Power: 100-240V AC 50/60 Hz • Connectivity: Wireless WiFi 802.11n+ / Wired Gigabit LAN+
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