Speed and Agility Training

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  • Acceleration Ladder


    The Smart Acceleration Ladder is designed to teach you to do one essential thing well: ACCELERATE.

    It’s physics, and it works! Increasing space between initial rungs allows athletes to combine fast turnover with relatively short initial stride-length for maximum speed.

    Total length is 37′. Two-section design is perfect for coaching the important initial strides for all athletes. Rungs are flat for safety and are easy to keep tangle-free for transport and storage.

    Made with web-strap sides of two different colors; 8 rungs creating the shortest stride-lengths have black webbing and the longest stride-lengths have gray webbing.


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  • Smart Hurdle Collection


    The Smart Hurdle Collection brings a total of 36 Smart Hurdles together. With the convenient Smart Cart they’re a breeze to transport and easy to store.

    From agility workouts to over/under drills, your training options are unlimited with this versatile set of small, medium, and adjustable-height Smart Hurdles.

    Non-marking wheels allow the Smart Cart to be wheeled to your training area, inside or out. This innovative solution is designed to meet the needs of athletes, coaches, and PE teachers everywhere.


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  • Smart Hurdles



        • Size #1 (Set of 6) height 6″
        • Size #2 (Set of 6) height 12″
        • Size #3 (Set of 3) height 12″-18″
        • Size #4 (Set of 3) height 21″-36″
        • Size #5 (Set of 3) height 27″-42″


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  • Smart Indoor Ladder


    The rubber Smart Indoor Ladder will help athletes of all levels improve their quickness, agility, coordination and control. This high-quality, versatile athletic training tool is also designed to be very easy to use and store.

    The ladder is 15-ft long and made with a rubber material to keep the ladder in place on any indoor surface and does not harm the floor. 16″ long openings allow users plenty of space to touch down.

    Rolls up easily on a spoon for storage and comes with a Transport Bag.


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  • Smart Medicine Balls


    The Smart Medicine Balls are a functional fitness staple. The weighted center forces the user to use different muscle groups to throw, bounce or twist with the ball.

    8 exercises are printed on each ball for easy reference. They also feature a textured surface for a reliable grip and made of sturdy rubber.

    Four weights and sizes available:
    4lb yellow, 6lb orange, 8lb green, 10lb blue, and 15lb purple


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  • Smart Mobility Assessment Hurdle


    Measurements are clearly marked on each upright.

        • The size Medium hurdle is adjustable from 19.5″ to 36″.
        • The size Large hurdle is adjustable from 26″ to 42.5″.


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  • Smart Modular Agility Ladder


    Snap ladders together for the desired length AND connect rungs together to create the desired width!
    15-ft (2 segments, 7.5′ each)


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  • Speed and Weighted Jump Ropes

    Choose between speed and weighted, or get them both!


    Do you know that jumping rope burns approximately 650 calories per hour? It’s a super-efficient cardiovascular workout!

    Our durable Speed and Weighted Jump Ropes are designed with rubber grip handles that contours to the hands of the user, taking pressure off the wrist. Both jump ropes are fully adjustable; change the length of the rope to fit any height.

    Choose between a speed rope and a weighted rope for a comfortable and challenging workout based on your training goals. The speed rope is lightweight, making it easy to maneuver and accelerate to a sweat-dripping pace. Use the weighted version to add additional resistance to your exercise routine to turn up the intensity.


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  • Sprint Resistor


    The Sprint Resistor develops and improves leg strength and speed by providing resistance tailored to the athlete or coach’s desired intensity. The fully padded H-style harness provides superior comfort during the intense workouts and allows for proper running posture for maximum training results.

    It features a durable 10-foot long nylon leash with heavily-reinforced stitching. Also includes a 10-inch wide easy-to-grip handle for the training partner.


    Small (100-180 lbs)
    Large (180-250 lbs)


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  • Twin Tow


    The Twin Tow builds powerful speed through fixed resistance and multidirectional movements. It provides consistent interactive resistance necessary to improve strength, speed, and stamina. The user in back provides resistance to the user in front, who runs forward, laterally, or turns around and backpedals.

    This training tool allows athletes to instantly switch roles without removing belts to effectively train both users and provide dynamic transitions.

    Durable 10-foot nylon leash connects two adjustable 3-foot diameter waist loops that are stitched with heavy-bonded, strong nylon thread. Note: since this product is designed to provide strong resistance, the leash does not have a lot of “give” (or stretch) to it.


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  • Viper 360 Belt Set

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    Medium Belt Set (29-32 inch waist)
    Large Belt Set (32-36 inch waist)
    X-Large Belt Set (36+ inch waist)




  • Workhorse Harness


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    Medium (130-170 lbs)
    Large (170-210 lbs)
    X-Large (210+ lbs)





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