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  • Foam Plyo Boxes

    Sets of 3-Boxes and 5-Boxes Available


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  • Hyper Vest Pro


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    Different vest sizes have different maximum weight capacities, as follows:

        • Small, 20lbs max weight
        • Medium, 25lbs max weight
        • Large, 30lbs max weight
        • XLarge, 45lbs max weight
        • XXLarge, 60lbs max weight


    Each vest ships with 10lbs of weight; extra 5lb “booster packs” are also available.


    The Hyper Wear 5-lb Booster Pack® contains 35 individual weights (5lbs), each weighing 1/7th of a pound. Each pocket on the Hyper Vest PRO can hold up to 2 individual weights.




  • Smart Cart


    The Smart Cart Training System organizes your training equipment into a compact and easy-to-transport system. Using the timed rotational circuit, coaches will be able to train as many as 60 athletes in one hour with the equipment on the Smart Cart.

    Non-marking wheels allow the Smart Cart to be wheeled to your training area, inside or out.

    Hurdle heights range from 6″ to 36″ with a sturdy 3-point base that improves stability on all surfaces. Set-up is quick and easy; the support leg rotates in either direction and folds flat for storage.


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  • Smart Hurdle Collection


    The Smart Hurdle Collection brings a total of 36 Smart Hurdles together. With the convenient Smart Cart they’re a breeze to transport and easy to store.

    From agility workouts to over/under drills, your training options are unlimited with this versatile set of small, medium, and adjustable-height Smart Hurdles.

    Non-marking wheels allow the Smart Cart to be wheeled to your training area, inside or out. This innovative solution is designed to meet the needs of athletes, coaches, and PE teachers everywhere.


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  • Smart Hurdles



        • Size #1 (Set of 6) height 6″
        • Size #2 (Set of 6) height 12″
        • Size #3 (Set of 3) height 12″-18″
        • Size #4 (Set of 3) height 21″-36″
        • Size #5 (Set of 3) height 27″-42″


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  • Smart Indoor Ladder


    The rubber Smart Indoor Ladder will help athletes of all levels improve their quickness, agility, coordination and control. This high-quality, versatile athletic training tool is also designed to be very easy to use and store.

    The ladder is 15-ft long and made with a rubber material to keep the ladder in place on any indoor surface and does not harm the floor. 16″ long openings allow users plenty of space to touch down.

    Rolls up easily on a spoon for storage and comes with a Transport Bag.


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  • Smart Mobility Assessment Hurdle


    Measurements are clearly marked on each upright.

        • The size Medium hurdle is adjustable from 19.5″ to 36″.
        • The size Large hurdle is adjustable from 26″ to 42.5″.


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  • Smart Modular Agility Ladder


    Snap ladders together for the desired length AND connect rungs together to create the desired width!
    15-ft (2 segments, 7.5′ each)


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  • Smart Recovery Self-Guided Muscle Release Foam Roller


    The Self-Guided Foam Roller is used to release muscle tension before, during and after workouts. It features 9 movements that are printed directly on the foam roller for easy reference. It is 2-ft long, which is wide enough to use on backs. The durable polyethylene foam is designed for moderate to heavy use while still holding its shape.


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  • Smart Stability Balls


    The Smart Stability Balls are self-guided for users at all fitness levels. They feature 13 exercises that are printed on the ball for easy reference.

    Three sizes available, each are burst-resistant (PVC construction) and includes a pump.


    User Height : Suggested Ball Size

        • 5’4” and under : 55cm
        • 5’5” – 6’0” : 65cm
        • 6’1” and over : 75cm


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  • Smart Stick


    The Smart Stick makes your favorite movements and exercises more productive. The hands push and pull each other and “drive” the body, creating balanced, optimal range of motion from top to bottom. The unweighted version is best for flexibility and balance exercises, while the weighted version is best for strength exercises (upper body, lower body, core).

    5-feet in length. Offered in both unweighted and weighted (5 lb) versions. Smooth enough to slide your hands along.

    Also sold in sets of 10 for use with teams and PE classes.

    • Single, unweighted
    • Single, 5lb weighted
    • Set of 10, unweighted
    • Set of 10, 5lb weighted


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  • Smart Stick Quiver


    Now there’s an easy way to neatly and conveniently store your mobility sticks. The Smart Stick Quiver holds 6 Smart Sticks mounted to a wall or can be attached to a functional training station.

        • Heavy duty steel construction
        • Holds up to 6 Smart Sticks
        • Dimensions:  5” W x 5” D x 30” H


    Package Includes:  (1) Smart Stick Quiver & (6) Smart Sticks – Unweighted or 5lb weighted.


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