Resistance Training

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  • Lateral Resistor


    15-inch cable is available in light, medium or heavy resistance.


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  • Lifting Chains


    Three weights available: 25, 30, and 52 lbs. (Chains are sold in pairs.)


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  • Mini Flat Bands


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    Three levels of resistance:

        • Light (Set of 10), yellow
        • Medium (Set of 10), green
        • Heavy (Set of 10), blue


    Bands are 2″ Wide by 11″ Long.


    Also available: Pack of 3 that includes one of each resistance level



  • Monster Bands


    Our Monster Bands are available in 3 different resistance levels for all exercises and fitness levels. Increasing your flexibility and strength – using these exercise bands for arms workouts as well as resistance band for legs training.

    Bands are a 24 inches long loop with a width of 3 inches. Sold in packs of 10 bands.


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  • Power Pull


    The Power Pull is a competitive training tool that focuses on the hip flexors to develop core strength, power, and leg drive. Connected back-to-back, athletes fight for position while keeping a forward lean.


    It includes two heavy-duty padded harnesses and a 10-foot nylon leash with steel clips on each end.


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  • Quick-Release Leash


    The Quick-Release Leash combines fixed resistance with overload release for explosive speed training. The user providing the resistance simply tugs on the red ripcord to release the 10-foot long nylon leash from the runner’s belt or harness.

    This training tool provides runners with a safe burst of speed without the danger of a dangling leash that may tangle in the runner’s legs.

    The durable nylon leash features heavily-reinforced stitching and a 10-inch wide easy-to-grip handle. The leash does NOT come with a belt or harness. (If you do not currently have a belt or harness with either a saturn ring or D-ring, purchase the Sprint Resistor for maximum training versatility.)


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  • Sleeved Tubing


    Choose from:

        • X-Light (Green)
        • Light (Light Blue)
        • Medium (Red)
        • Heavy (Blue)
        • X-Heavy (Black)
        • Ultra Heavy (Gray)


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  • Strength Bands


    XX-Light – Red
    X-Light – Black
    Light – Purple
    Medium – Green
    Heavy – Blue
    X-Heavy – Orange
    XX-Heavy – Gray


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