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  • Classic Plyo Boxes


    Individual Box heights: 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36 or 42-inch


    4-Box, 5-Box or 6-Box sets available for purchase


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  • Foam Plyo Boxes

    Sets of 3-Boxes and 5-Boxes Available


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  • Soft Foam Tri-Plyo Cube 


    Pro trainers and athletes have long experienced the benefits of incorporating different types of plyometric training into their workouts to develop explosive strength and build muscle. The box jump is one such activity that improves the reaction of fast-twitch fibers by requiring the quadriceps to contract very quickly in order to generate maximum force with each leap. It also requires a great deal of leg strength to make sudden stops and land properly. It’s easy to see how the demanding nature of these jumps makes them a great exercise for calorie burning fat loss, as well. The Troy Soft Foam T-PLYOs and Tri-Plyo Cube are products designed with all of this in mind – to help every user achieve maximum results – quickly, safely and effectively.



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