Fitness At Work

Two-thirds of people feel disengaged, dispirited and fatigued as a result of sedentary behavior. Even if you’re active outside of your workday, it’s still not enough to fix the problem. In today’s workplace, most of us sit more than 9 hours a day—at our desks, on our commutes, and at home.

Human bodies are meant to be in motion. A sedentary workday is hurting the health, happiness and productivity of employees, which ultimately hurts companies. Prolonged sitting harms us physically, mentally and emotionally.

And the kicker: it hurts our productivity, too.

The solution is easy: simple movement incorporated into sedentary behavior. And while it isn’t radical, it’s a vital shift in how we work.

Join the Movement

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Fitness At Work


Industry Leaders

Precision Fitness Equipment is New England’s leading supplier of active workplace solutions. Over 35 years in the industry, has allowed Precision Fitness Equipment to create relationships with the best of the industry. Walking keeps the brain active and has been linked to increased productivity and improved mood. The LifeSpan TreadMill Desk allows you and your employees to prioritize health without sacrificing your work.

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